List of Illustrated Poems

詩人  作品  挿絵画家   版画家
Bruce, Michael "Sir James the Rose" (1770) J. S. Brine W. J. Linton and T. Armstrong
Campbell, Thomas "Ullin’s Daughter" (1809) E. Corbould Whimper and S. Williams
Coleridge, S. T.  "Genevieve" (="Love") (1799) J. Franklin Armstrong and Nicholls
Cunningham, Allan "The Bonnie Bairns" (1825) E. Corbould J. Bastin and T. Wakefield
Lewis, Matthew Gregory  Sir Agilthorn (1802-03) R. Redgrave, A. R. A. Walmsley, Bastin, Fred, Branston, and Vizetelly
Leyden, John "Lord Soulis" (1802-03) R. R. M'Lan Smith and Linton
Leyden, John (2)  "The Mermaid" (1802-03) J. Franklin Green, Fred. Branston, Nicholls, Walmsley, and Armstrong
Lindsay, Lady Anne "Auld Robin Grey" (1771) J. Franklin G. Dalziel and F. Branston
Mickle, Willia Julius "Hengist and Mey" (1784) F. R. Pickersgill J. L. Williams
Motherwell, William "Elfinland Wud" (1832) J. N. Paton T. Armstrong
Percy, Thomas "The Birth of St. George" (1765) W. B. Scott Folkard, Vizetelly, and Armstrong
Scott, Sir Walter "Glenfinlas" (1802-03) H.J.Townsend G. P. Nicholls, F. Branston, and J. Walmsley
Scott, Sir Walter (2) "The Eve of St. John"(1802-03) J. N. Paton F. Branston
Southey, Robert "Rudiger" (1796)  E. M. Ward  J. Walmsley 
Surtees, Robert "Barthram’s Dirge" (1802-03) Fanny M'Ian F. Branston
Tickell, Thomas "Colin and Lucy" (1725) E. M. Ward F. Branston
Wiffen, J. H. "The Luck of Eden-Hall" (1826) A. Crowquill T. Armstrong
Wordsworth, William "Ruth" (1800) W. B. Scott W. J. Linton.