List of Illustrated Poems_6

詩人 作品 挿絵枚数
Bennett, William Cox Marston Moor 1
Browning, Elizabeth Barrett The Romance of the Swan’s Nest 2
Browning, Robert The Pied Piper of Hamelin 5
Byron, George Gordon Oscar of Alva 4
Calverley, C. S. On the Brink 2
Campbell, Thomas Lord Ullin’s Daughter 1
Canning, George, and Frere, John Hookham The Needy Knife-grinder 1
Coleridge, Samuel Taylor Love 2
Cunningham, Allan The Mermaid of Galloway 3
Davis, Thomas Osborne The Sack of Baltimore 1
Duffy, Sir Charles Gavan The Muster of the North 1
Goldsmith, Oliver Mrs. Mary Blaize 2
Hogg, James Sir David Graeme 3
Kingsley, Charles The Red King 2
Kingsley-2, Charles The Sands of Dee 1
Lover, Samuel Molly Carew 1
Macaulay, Thomas B. The Battle of Naseby 1
Macdonald, George Legend of Corrievrechan 3
Manson, James B. Robert the Bruce
Manson-2, James B. Sir Guido 1
Moore, Thomas The Return of O'Ruark 1
Morris, William Riding Together 1
Motherwell, William The Master of Weemys 1
Noel, Thomas The Pauper's Drive 1
Paton, Sir J. Noel Sir Lancelot 1
Peacock, Thomas Love The Pool of the Diving Friar 2
Praed, W. M. Quince 1
Praed-2, W. M. The Red Fisherman 3
Praed-3, W. M. Sir Nicholas at Marston Moor 2
Scott, Sir Walter Lochinvar 1
Sterling, John The Rose and the Gauntlet 1
Tennyson, Alfred The Lord of Burleigh 2
Thackeray, W. M. Little Billee 2
Tickell, Thomas Lucy and Colin 1
 Wiffen, J. H.  The Luck of Eden-Hall  2
 Wordsworth, William The Seven Sisters; or, the Solitude of Binnorie   1
    総数 64