Gallery 1~6 は挿絵付きのバラッド集をまとめたものであるが、このGallery 7 は様々な画家たちが自らの画業の中で単独に取り上げたバラッド詩をテーマとした作品、あるいは、詩人のバラッド詩集に添えた作品を集めたものである。

John William Waterhouse, "La Belle Dame sans Merci", 1893.

John William Waterhouse La Belle Dame sans Merci 1893

Charles Burton Barber, “Gelert”, c.1894.
bt Gelert

"On the Teme", one of William Hyde's coloured illustrations for Housman's A Shropshire Lad, 1908.

Wood Engravings by A. M. Parker for Housman's A Shropshire Lad, 1940. 左から "Oh see how thick..." (V), "On moonlit heath..." (IX), "Bredon Hill" (XXI), "Is my team..." (XXVII), "The Merry Guide" (XVII), "The Carpenter's Son" (XLVII), "The True Lover" (LIII).
sl5 bt     sl9 bt     SL21 bt     sl27 bt     SL42 bt     SL47 bt     SL53 bt

John Martin, "Edwin and Angelina" (1816).

William Derby,  "Edwin and Angelina".

Edwin and Angelina by Walter Stephens Lethbridge
Edwin And Angelina

Edwin and Angelina by Robert Pollard
robert pollard 17551838 british edwin and angelina 1785 engraving on moderately thick moderately textured cream laid paper 2E42G7Y


Edwin and Angelina by Charles Taylor
Unknown 1

(“Sister Helen”, pencil, black chalk and brown ink drawing by “Lizzie” Siddal)
Siddal Sister Helen