List of Illustrated Poems_3

From S. C. Hall, ed. The Book of British Ballads. London. 1842 & 1844.

詩人  作品  Designs by   Engravings by 挿絵枚数
Bruce, Michael "Sir James the Rose" (1770) J. S. Brine W. J. Linton and T. Armstrong 8
Campbell, Thomas "Ullin’s Daughter" (1809) E. Corbould J. W. Whimper and S. Williams 4
Coleridge, S. T.  "Genevieve" (="Love") (1799) J. Franklin Armstrong and Nicholls 4
Cunningham, Allan "The Bonnie Bairns" (1825) E. Corbould J. Bastin and T. Wakefield 4
Lewis, Matthew Gregory  Sir Agilthorn (1802-03) R. Redgrave, A. R. A. J. Walmsley, J. Bastin, F. Branston, and Vizetelly 8
Leyden, John "Lord Soulis" (1802-03) R. R. M'Ian Smith and Linton 10
Leyden, John (2)  "The Mermaid" (1802-03) J. Franklin Green, F. Branston, Nicholls, J. Walmsley, and T. Armstrong 10
Lindsay, Lady Anne "Auld Robin Grey" (1771) J. Franklin G. Dalziel and F. Branston 4
Mickle, Willia Julius "Hengist and Mey" (1784) F. R. Pickersgill J. L. Williams 7
Motherwell, William "Elfinland Wud" (1832) J. N. Paton T. Armstrong 6
Percy, Thomas "The Birth of St. George" (1765) W. B. Scott Folkard, Vizetelly, and T. Armstrong 8
Scott, Sir Walter "Glenfinlas" (1802-03) H.J.Townsend G. P. Nicholls, F. Branston, and J. Walmsley 10
Scott, Sir Walter (2) "The Eve of St. John"(1802-03) J. N. Paton F. Branston 8
Southey, Robert "Rudiger" (1796)  E. M. Ward  J. Walmsley  8
Surtees, Robert "Barthram’s Dirge" (1802-03) Fanny M'Ian F. Branston 2
Tickell, Thomas "Colin and Lucy" (1725) E. M. Ward F. Branston 4
Wiffen, J. H. "The Luck of Eden-Hall" (1826) A. Crowquill T. Armstrong 8
Wordsworth, William "Ruth" (1800) W. B. Scott W. J. Linton. 8